We can’t wait to help you travel with ease

The Problem

College students are always on the move, whether they're heading home or travelling out of town, but conventional methods of long distance transportation are costly, inaccessible, and time-consuming.

The Solution

A ride-sharing platform for college students to find others in the area travelling to similar destinations and arrange ride-shares in an eco-friendly and pocket-friendly manner.

The Mission

Cruze aims to make long-distance travel for college students safe, flexible, and personalized by connecting you with others in your area going the same way.

The Stack

MongoDB, Node Express, Firebase, Heroku, React, Mapbox, Twilio

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Meet the Team

Product Manager

Valeska Widjaja

University of Southern California, 2022

Hi! I’m Valeska, a creative problem-solver studying business administration and applied analytics at USC. I’m passionate about user experiences and solving human-centered challenges with tech and design, and I believe in harnessing the power of a team to build impactful products. I also love traveling abroad, trying new foods, and painting!


Marissa Valenzuela

UI/UX Designer

UC San Diego, 2020

Sophia Tran

UI/UX Designer

University of Pennslyvania, 2023


Michelle Chen

Engineering Manager

UC Irvine, 2021

Alex Dinh

Fullstack Developer

UC irvine, 2020

Haiwei Lu

Backend Developer

UCLA, 2020

Jules Le Menestrel

Frontend Developer

University of Virginia, 2023

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