NOW: News in Our World

While you put your energy into trying to make the world a better place, let NOW do the easy part to inform and motivate you

The Problem

Users want to stay educated about current events, but they are flooded with lots of repetitive information on social media platforms that isn’t always credible. They want to make an impact while maintaining a sense of social connectedness in order to spread awareness about issues they care about.

The Solution

A platform that brings together social impact and social media, built for young activists to learn about and share causes and issues happening in our world.

The Mission

Giving you the means to be educated, make an impact, and stay connected to the world.

The Stack

Node, React Native, Expo, Context API

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User Insights


Meet the Team

Product Managers

Danica Villez

University of Washington, 2021

I am a first-generation Filipinx-American student at the University of Washington studying Computer Science with a minor in Diversity. As an aspiring Product Manager, my goal is ultimately to connect my interests of creating social impact, helping others and problem solving by building impactful technology.

Wajiha Zahid

UC Berkeley, 2021

Hello! I’m a student at UC Berkeley studying Computer Science. I am also an aspiring Product Manager who wants to shape the future of tech. As a leader, I believe in communication and trust. I am also passionate about educational equity and how tech can be leveraged to bring more opportunities to those who are at a disadvantage.


Maya Iyer

UI/UX Designer

UC San Diego, 2020

Kamille Suayan

UI/UX Designer

UC Irvine, 2022


Kimaya Colaco

Engineering Manager

Georgia Tech, 2022

Prateek Pardeshi

Engineering Manager

SRM University, 2022

Ruj Haan


Middle Tennessee State University, 2021

Jeeheon Kim


Carleton university, 2022

Danna Liu


Carleton University, 2023

Gabriel Meng


UC Berkeley, 2022

Justin Ngo


University of Virginia, 2023

Divyanshi Sharma


Northwestern University, 2022

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