A smartphone app helping college students to networking professionally

The Problem

For college students, professional networking can be unclear, intimidating, and stressful.

The Solution

Providing structure, clarity, and encouragement in the professional networking process through a mobile app. Circle gives you the tools to organize your professional network and stay on top of maintaining your professsional connections.

The Mission

Empowering college students to form meaningful professional relationships.

The Stack

Firebase, Flutter

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User Insights


Meet the Team

Product Manager

Rui Maki

Cornell University, 2020

Hi everyone! I'm Rui, a dual Masters student studying Applied Information Science and Information Systems at Cornell Tech. With a background and interests in product management, health tech, and entrepreneurship, I am incredibly passionate about using technology to find and solve meaningful problems in our increasingly digital world.


Michael Schwartz

UI/UX Designer

Cornell University, 2021

Michelle Wan

UI/UX Designer

UC San Diego, 2020


Troy Anderson

Engineering Manager

University of Virginia, 2021

Tejas Advait

Backend Developer

Cornell university, 2021

Evan Wang

Backend Developer

UCLA, 2022

Jason Guo

Frontend Developer

University of Washington, 2023

Johnny Luong

Frontend Developer

UC San Diego, 2021

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