Bringing real-time classrooms online

The Problem

Many existing Learning Management Systems (LMS) are unintuitive or difficult to use.
Price is an important concern for school’s looking to invest in an LMS, often the result is that low-income areas become disconnected from online learning.

The Solution

An innovative learning management system that is centered around Usability, Affordability, and Community (for all students, teachers, administrators, parents, counselors, etc.) through intuitive design and an all-encompassing dashboard.

The Mission

Making ed-tech more usable and accessible through an innovative, low-cost Learning Management System.

The Stack

MongoDB, Python Flask, Heroku, Netlify, React

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Meet the Team

Product Manager

Ushna Arshad Khan

University of Richmond, 2022

Junior at the University of Richmond studying Mathematical Economics, Leadership Studies, and Computer Science. Originally from Pakistan, I moved to the US for college. I'm passionate about using technology to solve problems, particularly from a product perspective. I've been able garner experience in the product management space, and now hope to use these skills to develop more impactful products!

Sasha Smolyansky

George Washington University, 2021

I am a senior at the George Washington University in Washington, D.C. studying Computer Science with minors in Mathematics and Business Administration. I have a strong interest in product management and data science. I am passionate about making education accessible to all.


Jennifer Liu

Design Lead

George Washington University, 2020

Samuel Huang

UI/UX Designer

UC San Diego, 2022

Yasiris Ortiz

UI/UX Designer

City College of New York, 2022

Tam (Tyler) Tran

UI/UX Designer

UC San Diego, 2022


Johnny Urosevic

Engineering Manager

UCLA, 2021

Zhiying Li

Backend Developer

UC Berkeley, 2020

Rutvik Parekh

Backend Developer

Stony Brook University, 2021

Dhruvil Parikh

Backend Developer

San Jose State University, 2020

Bao Pham

Backend Developer

Vanderbilt University, 2022

Riley Champion

Frontend Developer

UC Irvine, 2022

Christie Ruales

Frontend Developer

University of Florida, 2020

Celia Zhou

Frontend Developer

Vanderbilt University, 2022

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