Socializing Donations, Fundraising through Mentorship

The Problem

Young adults want to contribute more, give more but they’re limited in their power to pay more. Existing fundraising platforms have little to no donor incentive, in some cases no fundraiser incentive, and donations are "one time, low impact."

The Solution

A platform that allows you to offer mentorship services in exchange for donations to a charity of your choosing. Thus, allowing for recurring donations with benefits for both donors and you!

The Mission

To build the most socially-conscious social media platform of our time — made by our generation, for our generation.

The Stack

Node, GraphQL, Apollo, React Native, Expo, Calendly API

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Meet the Team

Product Manager

Cara Vo

Columbia University, 2023

I'm a student at Columbia University studying Computer Science and Economics — Philosophy. I love thinking about how macro trends in culture, technology, and geopolitics will affect the future of work, life, and what it means to be human. In my free time, I enjoy finding, testing, and writing great recipes.


Christine Lin

UI/UX Designer

Brown University, 2021


Joshua Kaplan

Engineering Manager

Cornell University, 2021

Mia Donna O'Brien

Engineering Manager

Cornell University, 2021

Sai Harika Paluri

Backend Developer

University of North Carolina at Charlotte, 2021

Dennis Bae

Frontend Developer

University of Waterloo, 2024

Eashan Mathur

Frontend Developer

UC Berkeley, 2023

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